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We customize our successful team building concepts to suit your objectives and the profile of the participants.


En garde! Fencing appeals to the imagination. Participants will be initiated to the skills of the art of fencing in a playful and very interactive manner.  Humour will ensure hilarious and unforgettable moments.

The ultimate aim of this team building concept is to touch the opponent (touché). A real Olympic event  -  a competition at daggers drawn!

All for one and one for all!

Companies such as Imperial Meat Products, ArcelorMittal, BPost, Essent, ... had some accomplished d’Artagnans among their staff

schermen 1

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible? Not for the team of the Ministry of Finance!  They managed to accomplish the Mission Impossible in 1 hour and 30 minutes.  An absolute record, which has put this group at the very top of the more than 500 companies and organizations that have already taken on this challenge. Can your company or organization do better? Pick up the gauntlet with Evident. 


Four trials have to be completed under time pressure. The team that succeeds can join the exclusive ranks of companies and organizations such as ING, KBC, the Catholic University of Leuven and the Ministry of Finance  DEME Group, ... which have managed to see the Mission Impossible through.

Deme Group

The Great Diamond Robbery

A stylish team building game in the Great Gatsby style. While team members raise money by challenging competing teams, other team members head to the casino to cash in on the dollars won.

The team can then embark in pursuit of the ultimate aim with a brimming purse: collect as many diamonds as possible.  But the mafia is intent on making it difficult for all teams.

This concept is extremely suitable for combining with a bite to eat, a drink, at the end of a workday or as an original year-end party. Companies that have already experienced the ultimate pleasure of this concept include:  Honda Europe, Kales, Continental and BASF.

diamond rob.JPG


The unique thing about this concept is that all participants always end up in another team.  Everyone will therefore work together with all of his or her colleagues and thus discover their capacities, knowledge, effort, and motivation.

The  dream team is formed at the end of the day by the team members who have highest scores individually. They embody the dream team of your company or organization.  The Catholic University of Leuven and Joker Reizen have already formed their dream team!

Possible activities:

  • Initiation to fencing (2h30)

  • The caricature drawing competition under the direction of a professional draughtsman (1h30)

  • The Battle of Ghent, an exciting urban game (1h30)

  • Kubb (1 hour)

  • ​Other activities can be arranged through consultation.

  • This concept is suitable for a group of 25 to (max.) 40 participants.

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