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Events for the general public fit Evident like a glove! We will be delighted to help with permits, the safety file, communication before, during and after the event, crowd control, consultation with the police and other security services, risk analysis, insurance, concept, catering, logistics, technique… and organization, of course!

Opening of the A11 motorway


There were 30,000 participants according to the trade unions; 25,000 according to the police. We really do not know the precise figure of cyclists, walkers, skaters, etc. What we do know is that the motorway and the new cycling path around the A11 were packed and there was a festive atmosphere.  

After the official opening of the motorway by Minister Ben Weyts among others, everyone got the opportunity to get on the motorway in a non-motorized manner . The fine weather and the fact that the motorway was opened after four years of works motivated people from the surrounding area to be on hand.

In addition to the festivities en route, Evident was also responsible for safety, parking issues, signage, the coordination of the emergency services, etc.

Dance for the climate

A Bollywood-like dance demonstration was held to put climate change even higher on the international agenda.

A clip with no fewer than 13,000 extras was shot in one day under the expert direction and with the unremitting enthusiasm of Nic Balthazar.

Evident made sure that the organization was up to the task and that the clip was completed by dusk!



Evident organized an event in the centre of Brussels for the British organization Global Feedback.  The event was part of an international campaign against food wastage.

5000 free lunches were distributed to passers-by on the Graanmarkt [Grain Market]. The meal was prepared with vegetables which due essentially to their format did not meet the conditions set for auction. Many farmers donated their ‘lost’ harvest. This event was a success, thanks also to the many volunteers from various NGOs, and the issue could be placed on the European Agenda.

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