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In 10 years time, OTYS BELGIUM has become the number one in recruitment software in the Belgian market. To celebrate its ten year existence, Evident has create the concept of "Fact with an Impact". To its customers, employees and stakeholders we demonstrated how several steps in the development of this Ghent-based company has impacted their efficiency.

Not only the past mattered. Several renowned speakers, such as Fons Leroy and Herman Konings, have illustrated their vision for the future. The experts agreed: the way forward is artificial intelligence, a technology OTYS BELGIUM is heavily investing in.

The event took place in NEW ZEBRA, Ghent. Evident has created the basic concept and was responsible for all organization aspects. In consultation with OTYS BELGIUM's managing director (Peter Brausch) and marketing manager (Anna Willems), everything was prepared down to the smallest detail, resulting in a successful celebration.


OLEON, family day

OLEON, market leader in oleochemistry, employed Evident to organize a family day for all its employees. A crucial aspect of this day was the guided tour through the company's facilities: the brand new control room, the new administration wing and the state-of-the-art production units.

More than 500 people safely attending a guided tour through an industrial plant is not straightforward. To ensure complete safety, while allowing the visitors to be exposed to the full experience, we relied on small open trains that are mainly used in theme parks.

In ideal circumstances, all employees could appreciate an extensive lunch and assorted drinks while enjoying entertainment for both children and adults.

Over the span of 6 months, and in close collaboration with the communication assistant  An-Sofie Vandenberghe and plant manager Steven Manssens, Evident has worked out a complete and successful event that young and old could enjoy.


University Hospital Ghent: Winter Event

The University Hospital of Ghent is an internationally recognized institution and a value-driven organization. Values towards patients, but also towards its employees, partners and other stakeholders. The confirmation of these values was a priority for the management of the University Hospital.

Together with Sarah Seghers and Ann Anrijs, Evident has created a concept: a winter market. In the central square of the University Hospital, a tent was built with several booths, representing the several departments of the hospital. In an enjoyable and playful way, the employees were given the opportunity to experience the hospital's values with bites and drinks.

1300 employees visited the winter market and were surprised by the harmonious atmosphere in the tent. The day finished with a huge singing session.

This event was a fine example of how we achieved the goal of maximum return on objectives.

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